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What can you do?

We use to say that what we are doing, may seem like a drop in an ocean of hopelessness. But it means everything to the children we are helping! We therefore find it is nice that people all over the world can get the opportunity to “make the whole difference” for a child in Nairobi – by regular support of a child as a personal sponsor, or through general contributions to our work in the slums. 

Maisha Mema sponsor

Our main area of operation is in the slums of Soweto. Over 280 children are presently getting sponsored there.  The sponsorship covers everything that has to do with school, and also medical expenses.  Presently, the children are getting lunch five days a week at school, and in Clubhouse on Saturday. From school the children come to Clubhouse to get help with their homework, thus also securing them a much safer daily life away from just roaming around in the slums. And all of the children are also involved in different kinds of activities in Clubhouse, like sports, singing, dancing, arts and craft and other things.  By giving a minimum of NOK 250 (US$ varies quite a lot, but rounded: US$ 40 / GBP 25) or SFR 40 a month, you in fact save a child from the slums or streets, and give that child a possibility of becoming a resource in its neighbourhood. You get a small ‘life story’ and a picture of ‘your’ child, and can exchange letters with her or him. 

Maisha Mema Family sponsor

We normally reckon about three times as much for the resident children compared to the children living with their guardians in the slums. So for NOK 750 (rounded US$ 120 / GBP 75 a month) or SFR 120, you give a child a secure place in the Maisha Mema Family. This includes accommodation, food, clothes, school and all the safety a family can give. You get a small ‘life story’ and a picture of ‘your’ child, and exchange letters with her or him. Since the children in this category are fairly ‘expensive’, they fit well for a Bible group, a group of friends or a school class.

Friendship is important!

As you can read about in the Clubhouse page, a variety of different activities within art and craft ensure that the children are occupied with healthy and uplifting activities.  Football and other sports activities make sure they use their bodies in both a healthy and friendship building way. Especially some of the girls, who otherwise are more or less treated like dirt according to the customs in the slums, have seen their self-image grow considerably through these activities!  As the same activities also run in the school holidays, we hinder the kids in falling back to destructive habits like drugs, casual sex and roaming around.  This way, the Clubhouse activities are definitely also a social rehabilitation program. 

We also find it extremely important, that the child sponsorship is not only about financial support for school and other necesseties!

The most important thing is the relationship we develop with these children.  We believe very strongly in developing friendship, trust and care with the children.  This cannot be bought by money!  If we also mention that all the children in our programs are secured medical coverage through the sponsorship, we feel that the possibilities of these children growing up to become useful citizens of Kenya, is quite big. 

As mentioned, you get a small ‘life story’ and a picture of ‘your’ child when you become a sponsor, and can exchange letters with her or him. In this way, a relationship can also be built across country boundaries, and make these children even more loved and cared for. 

And you can also “Give a new sponsor“! If you give a new sponsor to Maisha Mema, you have used your time well in life, and another child gets a chance!  And for you who believe in Jesus: “Give a prayer“!  The children and adults in Nairobi need friends who are thinking about them, care for them, and pray for them – in a daily life which is not always easy to cope with alone!

Please write to us if you want to give a donation, sponsor a child, or have any question.

We are happy to hear from you!