Together – we can make a world of difference!

Make a world of difference?

Maisha Mema is a charitable childrens institution in Tigoni and a clubhouse in Soweto, Nairobi. 41 children are living together with the Maisha Mema staff as a big family in Tigoni, and we have almost 300 children participating in the program at the Clubhouse in Soweto at any given time.

What we do, may seem like scooping teaspoons of water from the ocean of hopelessness, but it means everything for the children who are getting a chance in life!  This is why it is so important!

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You can make a world of difference!  True?  Definitely those who already support the work we are doing among children in Nairobi, have made a world of difference for the children they support.  Each year new children are accepted into the program, so that even more children will have their world changed – with your help.  We – the staff, the children of Maisha Mema, Marianne and Jonny – want to express our gratitude to you for supporting us in this.

If you are interested in sponsoring a boy or girl in the program, please check out the Get Involved page and then Sponsorship.

Welcome in the family!