Corona Virus

The one topic which is in everyone’s mouth is Corona Virus… About 10 days ago, the first person here in Kenya tested positive. The Kenyan Government acted very fast and put up strict measures and since last Monday all Schools are closed.

In Tigoni we have a full house, as we are staying with 41 children. In Soweto we had to close the doors of Clubhouse as the government wants everyone to stay home. Our teachers from Clubhouse are keeping contact with the children and follow up on their school work. (We have been told that this is not a holiday, and kids are to continue with school work at home.) Hunger is a very real issue… Many children have always counted on that one meal they used to get at Clubhouse. Other children are staying in an environment with too little parental support and are left to their own devices for far too long…

Our thoughts go also out to you our dear friends, who are being so much affected by this crisis. We wish you all good health and stay safe! (Let us tell you as we remind our children – don’t forget to wash your hands 😉 )