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Creativity in these Corona times :-)

We arranged a 'face painting day' recently.  Lots of fun, and lots of creativity :-)  The kids have a feeling of normal days, including school work at home, in spite of lock down.  But we sure hope for normal times soon...

Why don't you check out what we are doing ;-)

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Please note: We are making a new web page.  Unfortunately, this has been delayed.  But it will come :-)

NB!  Check out Visa Application Procedures if you are coming to Kenya!

To those who would like to seek employment: Sorry, we do not have job vacancies!



Maisha Mema

Maisha Mema Child Sponsorship Program runs under Maisha Mema Ltd. (est. 2008, orig. founded as a trust fund in Jan 1999). 


Maisha Mema’s MOTTO is:

Join us to make a positive change in a child’s life”.


Maisha Mema’s VISION is

To create a conducive environment for the children in the program through learning and activities so that they will be brought up to be useful citizens of Kenya in terms of getting an education and a job”.


Maisha Mema’s MISSION is

"To reach children, youth and their guardians from the Kenyan slums and urban areas including street children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing food, shelter, school, medical care, or any of these, and promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through various activities".


Maisha Mema’s CORE VALUES are:

Integrity, integrity, integrity…”


In March 2007, we also got an additional registration as Maisha Mema Children's Home by the Ministry of Home Affairs.



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12th May 2020

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Check out the article The Good Missionary and learn about toothbrushes and how "orphans" react to "wazungu" visits :-)


Dear friend(s)!

You can make a world of difference!  True?  Definitely those who already support the work we are doing among children in Nairobi, have made a world of difference for the children they support.  Each year new children are accepted into the program, so that even more children will have their world changed – with your help.  We – the staff, the children of Maisha Mema, Marianne and Jonny – want to express our gratitude to you for supporting us in this.  Hearty thanks!    

If you are interested in sponsoring a boy or girl in the program, please check out the "Get Involved" page and then "Sponsorship" :-) 

Welcome in the family! :-)





For our Kenyan readers:  You'll find an article in Taifa Leo here:







Vil du reise p

SAFARI til Kenya?


What we do may seem like scooping teaspoons of water from the ocean of hopelessness, but it means everything for the children who are getting a chance in life!  This is why it is so important!

Marianne and Jonny were on national TV in Kenya Saturday 18th July 2009!  See it here.



Dear Friends!  After moving up to Tigoni with our family we can truly say that we have come home.  There’s no better place to be and we still say “wow!” looking out the window in the morning :-)

In Soweto, we now actually have two Clubhouses :-)

Education = future!

Thanks for joining us in giving the children that future – the Maisha Mema (Better Life) they deserve as any other child in this world!




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Jomo Kenyatta International Air port reflects the weather in Soweto, while Tigoni is 500 meters higher (at 2.100 meters) and mostly 3 - 5 degrees colder  :-)


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Maisha Mema

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