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Den Evangelisk Lutherske Frikirke i Norge (The Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway) is a Bible based 'free in forms but firm in doctrine' church.  Jonny is a member of a local congregation, Klepp Frikyrkje, but visits every April also Bærum Frikirke, and is a "Contact Missionary" for the national Free Church.

(Frikirkens Barn & Unge)

Klepp Frikyrkje:

Bærum Frikirke:



Evangelisches Gemeinschaftswerk Ostermundigen is the sending congregation for Marianne, and is likewise a 'free in forms but firm in doctrine' church.


INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF THE BLUE CROSS is an organisation based in Switzerland.  It has national societies in nearly 50 countries all over the world, whereof around 20 in Africa alone.  Focus is on both prevention and rehabilitation. (Int Fed) (Norwegian)


Den Norske Kirke (The Norwegian State Church) cooperates with Maisha Mema through some local churches.  Some of them have web-pages:



Bekkefaret kirke:

Riska kirke:

Erdal kirke:



Power für Kids und Kenia

K E N I A - P R O J E K T is an "old time friend" of us through Dr Klaus Richter.  They support a number of our kids in our child-sponsorship program.  We highly recommend especially our German-speaking friends to take a look at this site!




Several schools are sponsoring Maisha Mema:



ASKØY kommune:

Askøy Videregående Skole:

Florvåg Skole:

Erdal Skole:

Strusshamn Skole: 

Kleppe Skole:

Haugland Skole:

Askøy Videregående Skole:


BÆRUM kommune:

Østerås skole i Bærum:




SOLBORG Folkehøgskole

har støttet oss på flere måter, både med pengegaver og ved å la klasser besøke oss.  Her er noen linker til deres sider:
 · 22 januar 2007 · 18 april 2007 · 24 april 2007 · 21 oktober 2007 · 17 januar 2008 · 15 april 2008 · 12 mars 2009 · 23 april 2009



Other links to pages containing something about Maisha Mema (so far only Norwegian...)


Nanset Tensing fra Larvik besøkte oss i juni.  Se referatet fra turen her.

Ingrid, Therese & Marie, volontører hos Maisha Mema januar - mars 2010, førte blogg.



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