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Here is where we want to build!

Ever since we started working with slum- and street children in January 1999, the building of a centre has been in our plans.  But because we abruptly ‘took over’ some 20 children without even at that time having funds for it, we have spent the time since then to build up a secure economic base for the upkeep of the children and the development of the work. 

But now we feel it is high time to get out of a rather expensive renting relationship and into an ownership of adequate premises. This is why we – after a couple of years thinking and planning – finally have made architecture plans for building a Maisha Mema Centre.  

This map shows where the plots are.  City Centre is to the far left.  The road running approximately left - right a little bit down from the middle of the map, is Jogoo Road, leading to Outer Ring Road


We have located and secured a plot which is very near the two schools (Tumaini and Kifaru Primary Schools) where over 80 of our children are going.  The plot is 2 acres on flat land.  

The dotted areas are the two acres of land we have secured.  We want to build on the right plot, while the left will be set aside for sports activities. 


The challenge now is to get money to build.  The cost for the building project is estimated to be around

US$ 1.1 million including the price of the land, digging a well, landscaping and some furnishing. 

The amount of US$ 1.1 million will cater for the plot and the following houses:

1. Residential house for girls (ground floor / 1st floor), including a spacious dining room and kitchen for all the children, a study and living room for the girls + a counsellor’s room and a guest room (living area ca 340 m2, capacity 40 girls). 

2. Residential house for boys (ground floor / 1st floor), including a living room + a counsellor’s room and a guest room (living area ca 140 m2, capacity 20 boys).  A first phase will only include ground floor, but the walls and windows for 1st floor will also be put up, (making the capacity at least 40 boys).

3. Residential house for guardians, Marianne and Jonny (living area ca 185 m2 including guest rooms) with attached office premises (ca 40 m2) and a small flat (ca 40 m2)

4. Community Hall (ground floor, ca 230 m2), including spacious kitchen and bathroom-facilities, with Guest House (1st floor / 2nd floor) upstairs (ca 460 m2, capacity 15 double room and 1 single room = 31 people – but capacity expanded to the double when needed)

5. Clinic including a small pharmacy (ca 155 m2) with apartment upstairs (ca 120 m2)

Site map showing the outline of the buildings.  Clinic to the left, Girls' House upper middle, Boys' House down middle, Guardians' House upper right and Guest House / Community Hall down right. 


Why do we want to build?
Spending such an amount on buildings and development of land might seem too much.  The following factors should then be considered:

 ·        The 25 children living in the Maisha Mema family in Nairobi need a secure place to stay.  They are not in a temporary children’s home, but as children in a family

·        The present premises are rented, which throws away big resources every year.  Also, the future for this rented place is insecure, and similar premises are very hard to find

 ·       We need the possibility of accepting more children into our home, as we now have to turn away very needy cases

 ·        The size of the plot (2 acres) makes it possible for us to set aside over 1 acre for sports-activities and other community-based activities

 ·        Maisha Mema needs an operating base to carry out its activities. The closeness to the Soweto slums (the OLD page! - for the new page about Clubhouse, see here) makes it a perfect base, and will enable us to initiate several community-based programs for the population of the nearby slums

 ·        For income-generating activities, a community hall, a guesthouse and a clinic will be put up.  This is very important for the running of the program, and also for public relations, as people visit us and stay for shorter or longer periods (people visiting us are our best ambassadors!).  Also, the clinic will directly benefit 90% of the children in our program with medical services (as well over a 100 of the 150 children we presently support, live nearby)

 ·        The community hall will also provide us with excellent space for holding conferences and courses, both for beneficiaries of our program and for example health- and social workers.  We will also have the possibility of receiving groups of foreign volunteers, evangelization teams and other church groups, as well as organizing local children- and youth camps.  In addition, regular church services can be held in this community hall, as it will provide up-to-date premises including sound equipment.  The possibility for reaching children and youth from the area is only limited by imagination…

 ·        Finally, it is extremely important for a later local take-over that the work is not based in rented premises, but debt-free, adequate buildings with a potential for expansion. 


Welcome as sponsor for the Building Project!
We need sponsors for this project, and invite everybody who feels they have something to contribute, to come forward!  It may be financial contributions, interest free loans, prayers, manpower, public relation work, encouragement – you name it! Every little contribution counts, and a separate account is dedicated ‘Building Project’!  If you want to make your own little fund-raising activity to support the Building Project, we can even provide you with prices for a bedroom in the girls' house, the living room for the boys, a wall in the community hall, beds for the girls, trees to plant on the compound, windows, doors or whatever you want.  This way, it might be easier to be 'part sponsor' and still feel you have a bite of the cake!

We are optimistic about this!

Maisha Mema centre.(This is a graphic of the first plan we had for the centre.  The present plan - see above - contains more or less the same houses, but differently placed on the plot to be more efficient.  Both the boys’ house [down right] and the community hall [up right] have been added a floor.  The clinic [far left] is in the same place, though.  Roughly speaking, the community hall / guest house is now in the down right corner, Guardians' house in the upper right corner, boys' house where the girls' house were, and the girl's house where the Guardian's house were)

Our slogan is: «Help us to make a change in a child’s life!»  We sincerely believe we can do this much better by having our own centre.  In helping us realising this, you also contribute to a positive change of not only one, but many children in Kenya!


If you want to know more about this project, or have any questions, please feel free to write to us!  E-mails:


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