Building Projects

As some of you will know, Maisha Mema has several building projects - both completed and planned.  We would like to present to you these, and for practical reasons, we refer you to these pages:

The new CHILDREN's HOME in Tigoni

As we've been in a court case for long over the property where we originally wanted to build the Children's Home (see under), we surched for a new place to live with the children.  And we found it in May 2011!  Check out here how it looked like and about renovation and building!  And here for the ready result!


The Clubhouse in Soweto

Check here for the Clubhouse we built in the Soweto slums in 2005 

(and for the Grand Opening here!)


Extension of Clubhouse in Soweto

We bought the neighbouring plot and extended the Clubhouse in the Soweto slums from October 2008.  Check it out here.  


Children's Home - old site

The Maisha Mema Children's Home was supposed to be finished late 2006 / early 2007, but we hit a snag.  After investigation we took to court some other people claiming to own the land.  During the time that has gone, we have established that we have all the right paper and have done all the right things concerning the land we bought in 2001.  But the court case drags out.  As per October 2010, we have had two hearings (December 2009 and May 2010), and hope as soon as possible for the third hearing, probably in the Autumn of 2012.  Things take time in Kenya...  We'll keep you informed!


25th August 2005:

We started in August 2005 to dig trenches for the perimeter wall of the Children's Home, but ...

... then we were stopped by unscrupulous people wanting to steal our land...

Our slogan is: «Help us to make a change in a child’s life!»  We sincerely believe we can do this much better by having our own centre.  In helping us realising this, you also contribute to a positive change of not only one, but many children in Kenya!


If you want to know more about this project, or have any questions, please feel free to write to us!  E-mail:


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