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Our family in Nairobi (Maisha Mema Children's Home in Doonholm) goes to Mamlaka Hill Chapel - a branch of Nairobi Chapel - every Sunday.  Both the leadership and people in the congragation have become aware of the work Maisha Mema is doing in Doonholm and Soweto.  We here present some happenings between Mamlaka Hill Chapel and Maisha Mema from 2003 and forward - newest event first.


A group of people, among them "Mamlakites" visited us some time in 2011


We really enjoy when we get local support! :-)  And it doesn't even need to cost money.  Our kids enjoy being encouraged by real-life stories :-)  A group with people, among them also members of our church Mamlaka Hill Chapel, came to visit.  They brought flour and whatever else is needed to make chapatis, a local speciality and a favourite for our kids.  We really enjoyed, and appreciate the interaction. 

And by the way; food is also part of a Better Life! :-)


Mamlaka Hill Chapel arranges Christmas musical - and some of our children participated!


Pauline and Beth (number two and three in the front) and Lucy (behind at right) were part of the choir.


Tabitha in the middle.

And just look at the beauties below!

Quite impressive scene, lots of kids in action, lots of people in the audience - and very well performed!

Thanks to Mamlaka Hill Chapel for giving both kids and grownups a very good experience! :-)



Mamlaka Hill Chapel Sunday School girls

came visiting the Doonholm family on Saturday 30th October 2010


After a good time of playing, it was time for food ...

... and cake, - which was finger licking good!

It was a good time!  Hearty welcome back! :-)



Members from Mamlaka Hill Chapel

gave Christmas gifts to

Maisha Mema children!


It was Christmas Day at the 14th December in Clubhouse!  And all the packages were useful stuff, like school bag, stationary, blanket and so on.  Thank you very much to the members of Mamlaka Hill Chapel!



Children from Mamlaka Hill Chapel performed

a Christmas Musical in the

Maisha Mema Clubhouse in Soweto 14th December 2007!


The children from Mamlaka Hill Chapel performed the musical "Meet me at the Manger" - and they did it good!  Clubhouse children were both impressed and challenged!


Members of Mamlaka Hill Chapel

will give Christmas gifts to all the Maisha Mema children!



We are very grateful that the congregation this year will give Christmas gifts to all of Maisha Mema's children (around 200!).  And the gifts will be useful stuff like school equipment, blankets etc.  Thanks to everybody in Mamlaka!


Children from Mamlaka Hill Chapel

will visit Clubhouse in December 2007

with a Christmas Musical!



We are really looking forward to the Children's Musical that will be presented in Clubhouse 14th December.  Report follows!



Children from Mamlaka Hill Chapel visit Clubhouse August 2007


Jan Ryder, Children's Pastor in Mamlaka Hill Chapel, wrote the introduction for "007 Mission Possible 2008", where she states that kids can be effective missionaries.  Mamlaka Hill Chapel has a Bible-based, sound Christian approach to this, where the kids learn about the Bible, play games and have fun.  We were happy to receive the children in Clubhouse in August!

Quite a number of children from Mamlaka Hill Chapel came - most of them from the Sunday School.  Together with our own children in Clubhouse, they were very colorful, and very audible!  It is nice when children from different backgrounds can interact.  Some of the children from church had never been in a slum before...


Talk about touching the heart!


Mamlaka Hill Chapel's One Year Jubilee 21st October 2006

The celebrations of Mamlaka Hill Chapel's first year as one of the five Nairobi Chapel congregations took place at the grounds of Nairobi Primary School.  After the church service, many activities took place. 

Our children (doesn't include the middle one!) participated wholeheartedly and had a superb day.  Horse- and camelriding, different games and swimming was on the program.


Nairobi Chapel's Christmas visit 21st December 2003

Miss Kenya visits us!


Especially the girls in our home were absolutely thrilled when Miss Kenya turned up.

Just to put the the record straight: Miss Kenya is the one to the left.  The girl beside her is one of the many Miss Maisha Mema we have.  She has since left the home for further studies as a hair dresser and beautician, and is expected to finish some time in 2008.

Members of Nairobi Chapel came with gifts for the children, a guy from Nairobi Chapel sang with the children, and everybody interacted.  A top day!


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to us!



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